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Waranya Chotejirakarn

Born in Bangkok, the clarinetist, Waranya CHOTEJIRAKARN began her musical education with

Apichet PAYONLERT, solo member of Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, with a scholarship at MIFA

School of Music. She completed her Bachelor’s degree with first-class honors in clarinet

performance at Chulalongkorn University under the instruction of Apichet PAYONLERT,

Sooksan RATANAPOL and Mayumi NAGAI.


In 2004 she has played with the Bangkok Wind Ensemble, Southeast Asian Youth Orchestra,

Thai Youth Orchestra, The Metropolitan Opera of Bangkok and Siam Philharmonic Orchestra.


She was awarded at the Asian Wind Ensemble Competition in 2003, 2005, and 2007. (1st

prize – clarinet ensemble in 2003, 2nd prize – Double Woodwind Quintet in 2005, and 5th

prize – Woodwind Sextet in 2007). In 2014, She won the Espoir Prize with the highest score in

the DUO Category in the 15th Osaka International Music Competition, Osaka, Japan.


In France, she entered Conservatoire du 19eme (Jacques Ibert) in Paris, where she studied

clarinet with Arnaud LEROY (solo member of Orchestre de Paris) and Sabrina MOULAï (solo

member of Orchestre de la Garde Républicaine). She also studied in Conservatoire à

Rayonnement Départemental de Créteil with Philippe-Olivier DEVAUX (bass clarinet member

of Orchestre de Paris). In addition to, she has studied with Jean-Francois VERDIER, Franck

AMET and Olivier DERBESSE.


In 2013 Ms. CHOTEJIRAKARN has performed with l’ensemble à vent des jeunes de Paris (the a project of Parisian youth musician from CNSMDP, CRR, and CRD) and she has also performed

in festivals in France, 3eme Festival Piano Prestige, 25e Festival L’Été Musical en Bergerac,

Festival Musique au Vert, with l’Ensemble International Béziers Musikè under the baton of

Jean-Bernard POMMIER and with the solists such as Natalia GUTMAN, J.B. POMMIER, Olga



She regularly participated in the clarinet masterclass and concerts where she learned from a

well-known clarinetists, Karl LEISTER, Matthias MUELLER, Spyros MOURIKIS, Philippe BERROD,

Olivier DERBESSE, Enrico Maria BASSAN, Ronald Van SPAENDONCK, Olivier VIVARES, Cheryl

Ann MELFI, Julianne KIRK, Alexandar TASIC, and Alessandro CARBONARE.


She is also a clarinet professor at International School of Bangkok, clarinet professor at

conservatory of music, Rangsit University, and Kasetsart University.

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